I sit in my cozy warm kitchen
Fresh vegetable soup
simmers on the stove
My puppy is at my feet
playing with his half-chewed toys
We are safe far from the deadly pandemic

Imagine being homeless
lying on a wretched putrid grate
Minus 10 today
Covid danger everywhere

Imagine your anxiety through the roof
No therapists to actually see
Virtual sessions only
Virtual reality
Fighting to survive

Imagine being a refugee
Fleeing from unspeakable horrors
Crowded and cold
in an outdoor camp
No hope no homemade soup
steaming in a bowl

Imagine sitting in fear
Trying to stay sober
Mind racing hold on hold on
Sobriety hanging by a thread
Letting go the fight is lost

Imagine being isolated alone
No food in the fridge
Too afraid to venture out
No family to look after
her aged ailing body

Imagine the end of this dreadful plague
Vaccine renews our hope
Hurry it forward inject us soon

Imagine people out on a sunny day
The warm sunshine restoring hope
Restoring health and saddened spirits

Imagine laughter
Sitting on a park bench
Smiling at people passing by
Imagine hope
for the homeless the mentally ill the refugees
the lonely and the addicted

Imagine the possibility of joy.


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